Pat Brill & Karen Fusco

Pat Brill & Karen Fusco

 Welcome to Boomers In Motion,

the parent company for all of Pat and Karen’s internet ventures. Since 2005, we have been reinventing ourselves as Internet Entrepreneurs, testing out the waters with many different projects. The best of them are here.

We’re all about helping women to grow and improve themselves.

We hope to inspire women of any age to take on new challenges and see just how far they can go. After all, life is a journey with many twists and turns. And we’re right there to help you navigate.

  • Are you a successful professional – or – just starting out in your career?
  • Are you a frazzled busy mom – or – an empty-nester with time on her hands?
  • Have you been there and done it all – or – are you looking for a new adventure?

If you’re a woman with a passion to learn and grow, you’ll find something of interest here at Boomers In Motion. Now that you’ve found us, take a look around. Check out what we have to offer.

Remember, you’re better to your family and friends when you take better care of yourself.

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