About Us

Karen FuscoKaren Fusco has worked as a teacher, a magazine Production Manager, and as a Computer Programmer/Analyst. And since 1993 she’s been out on her own as an entrepreneur. She currently owns Creative Solutions where she is a Systems Consultant, designing and writing custom software for her clients and Creative Properties where she manages her real estate holdings. Karen is also a mom with two grown daughters. As a single and busy mom for most of their childhood, Karen has worked hard to give them a strong foundation and is quite proud of the wonderful women they have become. Karen is also a Busy Mom Expert.

Pat Brill has more than 30 years of management experience in finance, human resources, and office Pat Brillmanagement. Her roles as a Business Manager and Human Resources Manager have been with small to medium sized companies in the technology and creative industries. She currently owns Prime Bookkeeping where she provides bookkeeping and human resources expertise to small entrepreneur businesses. She is Quickbooks certified and has acquired Sr. Professional of Human Resources certification. Pat is also a mom with a grown son and daughter, and she is the founder of The Women’s Group.

Karen and Pat launched the second half of their working lives in 2005 becoming Internet Entrepreneurs. As Baby Boomers, they’re on a path of enlightenment and growth for themselves, and are looking to give back – not only to other savvy Boomers, but to their children’s generation also. Karen’s detail and design flair along with Pat’s strong business background and writing skills make a great combination that has allowed them to partner successfully in many projects.

Together they founded Boomers in Motion, LLC, the parent company of all their internet ventures. In 2007, they co-authored and published their first e-book, “Busy Moms: The Heart and Soul of a Home”, a wonderful idea-filled collection that helps women take care of themselves in all their varied roles: busy mom, spouse, worker, sister, daughter, friend and partner.

Karen and Pat have been active members of the very successful Women’s Group since 1997 and have seen it grow into a cohesive unit that has a life of its own. You can read about their best tips and learn how to start your own women’s group in their 2011 released e-book and paperback, “Essentials for Starting a Women’s Group”. In addition is their companion book, “A Topic for Everyone”, a comprehensive list of topics and activities to stimulate creative women’s group meetings.

And for the greater women’s community, they started a Busy Bites newsletter that has grown into their blog, WomensGroupBusyBites.com, where they come together with women from around the world to discuss women’s groups and women’s issues.

Enjoy and come back often!